Oct 25

After 6 years…

…of parts gathering, plating, powder coating, machine work, delays, disappointments, and all that is the roller coaster of David Brown Aston Martin restorations, I completed the ancillary and wiring work, and with my builder, Ken Lovejoy, we cranked the engine at starter cranking speed to get the oil pressure up, with sparking plugs removed, and coil and fuel pump switched off.

Here we go:

1969 Aston Martin DBS Engine Oil Pressure Test

Next, plugs back in, coil and fuel pump reconnected, and it was time to fire her up for the very first time. This is a completely unedited video- no TV tricks or gimmicks. Enjoy…

1969 Aston Martin DBS Engine Startup

…And there you have it! That cantankerous water pump spit, bellowed, and groaned, and after a spell, settled down nicely once things heated up. The seal had to seat, and was difficult, but eventually behaved. The next step is to sync the carburettors, fiddle with idle mixture, and replace the Evans Primer with Evans Waterless Coolant.

Apr 23

Decisions, decisions…

Visiting Linear Blocking Tools to choose the final colour. I had extensively researched colour library files, and had kind assistance from Mrs. Linda Doll of the PPG colour library. As it turns out, PPG claims to be the original supplier of Olive paint to Aston Martin, however, when they switched to 2K paint systems, with basecoat/clearcoat, they changed the formulas to include Pearl as an effect, which is not correct for a 1960’s car. That is why I never found thier samples to look correct, and they were also “too green.” A colour plate from Aston Martin Heritage arrived, and it turns out to be a 2K Dupont offering, which also didn’t llook right to me. I trusted my gut after visiting the Dezer Collection to see FBH 207G in Olive, so I pursued more avenues. Finally, the PPG UK formula arrived the day before I flew to Wisconsin, and the stars aligned. We viewed some scenes from OHMSS to get the muse. The item in the photo that looks like a TV remote is a Sun Gun, which replicates outdoor lighting. 

….And here is our winner! When I walked in to the shop, I spotted this panel right away and knew that this was our choice. Not to prejudice my decision, Colten had taped over the labels, and after I selected this one, it turned out to be the PPG UK formula. You see, Pearl Effect has a very coarse metallic, which makes the colour look very bright. That’s not how 1960’s cars looked in period. The metallics in the PPG Deltron formula are much finer, and give a subtle metallic effect, which yields an elegant finish. There was a great deal of research and trial and error involved, but, in the end, it was my experience and memory of seeing the  DBS on the big screen as a youngster., and my intuition told me that this was our colour!

Bagged, tagged, and ready to paint….


These are the first photos that were sent to us from the spray booth. I wish that I could have been in there with her, but duty called, and I left her in the competent hands of Colten Davidson, and he did not disappoint. My belief here is that I made the right decision on Colten, the colour, and the finish coat upcoming….

Apr 10

Finishing up the DBS Bodywork

Finishing up the Aston DBS – YouTube

Finishing up the Aston DBS – YouTube

Apr 10

OHMSSDBS Bodywork – Diving-in

Sprayable products: Case hardening explained – YouTube

Sprayable products: Case hardening explained –

1” round block set explanation and where to use the 1” round blocks – YouTube

1” round block set explanation and where to use the 1” round blocks

Using and explaining the poly paint stick set – YouTube

Using and explaining the poly paint stick set

Feb 21

Her Majesty’s DBS travels to our block sanding specialist.

Our DBS is in the talented hands of Colten Davidson of Linear Blocking Tools.  The block sanding, or blocking phase of the project is a critical one, in that the artistry of the craftsman will enhance the bodylines of the car, and in some cases, reveal lines that had been lost. This is part 1 of LBT’s segments on our project. I am very happy and honoured to have Colten aboard on our build team. Stay tuned for more frequent updates….

Apr 4

Palacio Scene Video is up!

FOUR years in the making. Finally it’s here!

The Palacio Scene Reenactment Video is complete!

Jul 1

Her Majesty’s DBS Featured at the SF Auto Show

San Francisco Auto Show
November 2015

Nine Heritage Aston Martins from the AMOC made their debut at the SF Auto Show.
Her Majesty’s DBS was featured, and drew record crowds.
The AMOC hopes to participate every year, with a different lineup, and some perennial attractions.

Her Majesty’s DBS shall retire from public viewing for a respray and some repairs following the Auto Show.
Stay tuned for photos of the second restoration….

Aug 23


Charles Krug Carriage House in St. Helena, CA
August, 2014

Her Majesty’s DBS stars in a commercial made for the upcoming Casino Royale Night, which will take place on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the Charles Krug Carriage House in St. Helena, CA

“…A Shaken, Not Stirred Event..” Benefiting the Rianda House. The DBS will be the centerpiece featured display, and the OHMSSDBS Team will be there for a Q&A and special presentation. Please refer to our “Appearances” section for further details or check out the commercial here!

Oct 25

Another First for Her Majesty’s DBS!

Niello Concours at Serrano Hills
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beating the heat of the day, and the competition, Her Majesty’s DBS rolled up to the podium, and Sal Garcia of Waterfront Automobili, and Thomas Mulhall accepted another First In Class award, to a wonderful ovation, capping off a rookie year that garnered two First In Class wins!

Updated photos and videos from The Quail, Hillsborough, and this event are all now in the Events Gallery.

Thank you to all of our friends who joined us, and a special thank you to Mike Fregosi of Fregosi Paints for transporting the DBS, and “coming to the aid of the party.” (To quote Fleming)

Oct 5

Her Majesty’s DBS Spied at The Quail!

August 19, 2011

Video Clip #1 from The Quail

A banner day for all on the OHMSSDBS Team as Her Majesty’s DBS made quite a splash at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. Joined by fellow AMOC members John and Cindy Lavendoski, who were dressed in OHMSS garb, Sal Garcia of Waterfront Automobili and Thomas Mulhall, with the lovely Amanda, resplendent in her Diana Rigg outfit, enjoyed the lovely day that is the premiere automotive gathering in the world!

Her Majesty’s DBS was well received by the Press and general public, and footage and photos can be seen in the Events Gallery. We will be updating the section as more footage becomes avaialable from many of the international press agents on hand that day. Thank you again to our sponsors for supporting the OHMSSDBS at The Quail.

Her Majesty's DBS Spied at The Quail!