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A childhood dream turned into a lifelong love affair with this James Bond 1969 Aston Martin DBS, to “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” specification. I had restored her over a 3 year period, then shared this elegant and important piece of film history with the world, winning several concours events, and, more importantly, doing charity, fundraising, and public outreach programmes, where the DBS is a crowd pleasing star!
Unfortunately, in January of 2016, thieves broke into a Public Storage unit where she was temporarily kept, as the building she was normally housed in was undergoing major repairs. The callous vandals stole all of my tools, many of which were collected over 25 years, and many NOS, and hard to find parts. They bounced parts off the top of the car, damaging nearly every panel,and creased in the right side, while squeezing out my rolling tool box. The most unkindest cut of all was the insurance company’s nightmare estimator, who denied payment for basic items and a proper repair.
I need your help to restore Her Majesty’s DBS and preserve this Aston Martin for future generations.
I have over 1000 hours of my own, and several thousand dollars in materials so far, but my skills and wallet can only go so far. I need to employ a metal finisher, and painter.
Please contribute, so I can continue to help others with this beloved, cherished piece of our heritage.
Thank you!



Sponsors are needed to complete the restoration of the car, and to participate in international events.

Sponsorship programmes are available to your business that will lend high profile advertising for your company!

Direct logo placement on all advertising materials, press kits, website, etc are available.

Sponsorship for international events such as the AMOC 75th Anniversary in the UK in 2010, the OHMSS James Bond Reunion in the UK and Switzerland in 2010, and the Aston Martin 100 Jubilee in the UK in 2012/13.

All sponsors will receive logo recognition in all events that the DBS participates in: SF Auto Show, Quail Lodge, concours, etc!

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